Growth and Development

Salary and Benefits

Employee compensation

The  salary consists of two parts: basic salary and position salary, which are determined based on the employee's rank and position


The year-end bonus is distributed based on the employee's annual work contribution results 

Corporate welfare

Five insurances and one fund, supplementary commercial insurance, and annual health examination

Welfare of Spring Festival, Women's Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas and other holidays

 Paid annual retreat, paid travel

 Free employee gym, dormitory

 Disease condolence visits, children's education funds

 Rich and colorful corporate cultural activities 

Regular allowances

 Free work meals/meal allowances, transportation subsidies
 Age allowance and birthday allowance
 Marriage allowance and maternity allowance
 Departmental team building allowance 

Special rewards

Special Service Year Memorial Award
 Housing subsidy (local talent policy)
 Talent apartment
 Special Award for Technology Application
 President's Special Award



Onboarding training:

Cognition - Coaching



▸ Introduction of corporate culture
▸ Introduction to the Company's Institutional Department
▸ I should know and learn
▸ Departmental teaching experience


Skills training:

The four pillars of the training system



▸ Professional technical system training based on skill enhancement required for basic employee positions
▸ Quality management related training system based on GMP management concept implantation
▸ General skill enhancement training system based on employee general skill improvement
▸ Management training based on the improvement of management skills for middle and senior management and reserve management cadres


External training:

Encouragement - Improvement



▸ Professional qualification certification
▸ Professional competence training
▸ Professional industry external training forum

Promotion channel


Job management system: 5 major ethnic groups, 17 job categories

Dual career promotion channels:

▸ Manage the promotion map of the ethnic group: a total of 10 levels of job promotion capacity, from trainee (P3) to senior vice president (D);

▸ Promotion map for each technical group: Capacity for promotion of up to 9 levels of positions from intern (P1) to chief (P9);