The company continues to be oriented towards innovation and internationalization, increasing investments in research and development and the recruitment of scientific research personnesl. Through independent research and development, cooperative development, licensing, deep incubation, and other diversification a multi-level cooperation model,that enriches the pipeline of innovative products, enhances the research and development and clinical capabilities of new drugs, and accelerates the development and transformation of innovative technologies and products has been set up.

Drug Target of action Indication Dosage form Target validation Leader confirmation Non-clinical study IND Clinical Phase I Clinical Phase II Clinical Phase III Pre-NDA NDA



Bacterial cell membrane Secondary wound infection (China) Spray


Diabetic foot infection (USA) Spray


PL-18 Bacterial/fungal cell membrane Fungal vaginitis (Australia) Suppository


Fungal vaginitis (China) Suppository


PL-3301 Bacterial/fungal cell membrane Oral candidiasis Oral gel


Acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections(ABSSSI) Hydrogel nanoneedle


Pulmonary infection Inhalant


PL-4902 Bacterial cell membrane Systemic/pulmonary infection Injection


PL-AC-333 BKR Antagonists (Undisclosed) Colorectal Oral/Injection
(Small molecule)


PL-AC-343 Solid tumor Oral/Injection
(Small molecule)


PL-AC-328 Gastrointestinal cancer Oral/Injection
(Small molecule)


Undisclosed Three negative breast cancer, colorectal cancer Oral/Injection
(Small molecule)