Warmly congratulations to establishment of Hartmut Michel Institute of (Jiangyin) Biomedical Research


In the morning of November 18th, 2014, ProteLight together with the Noble Prize Winner Professor Hartmut Michel together established Hartmut Michel Institute of (Jiangyin) Biomedical Research, which is the third Noble Prize Winner research in Jiangyin. Zhou Tiegen, a member of Wuxi Municipal Committee and the secretary of Jiangyin Municipal Committee, Zhu Jinsong, a member of Wuxi Municipal Committee and minister of Wuxi Organization Department, and Shen Jian, the Vice-secretary of Jiangyin Municipal Committee and the Mayor of Jiangyin, attended this ceremony and made an important speech there.


Before the meeting starts, together with the President of ProteLight, Dr. Yuxin Chen, the Secretary Zhou Tiegen, the Minister Zhu Jinsong and the Mayor Shen Jian had a face to face meeting with Professor Michel.

 Dr. Michel and Zhou Tiegen

 Zhu Jingsong and Dr. Michel

From light to right, they are Dr. Yuxin Chen, Zhu Jingsong, Dr. Michel, Zhou Tiegen, Shenjian, Qian Wenqian.



At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Yuxin Chen, the chairman of ProteLight made a overview of current situation and development prosperts of the company.


Then, Zhu Jinxong together with Dr. Michel inaugurated for the Research Institute.


Then, Zhu Jinxong made an speech.


Then, Zhou Tiegen issued Dr. Michel a letter of appointment as a member of Jiangying consulting committee of internalization of talents, enterprises and cities. 


Finally, Dr. Michel brought a lively lecture for participants.




After the meeting, Dr. Yuxin Chen and Dr. Michel accepted in interview of “Jiangyin News” column from Jianyin TV station.