Ministry of Science and Technology print and distribute biotechnology innovative plan of “the 13th five year plan”


On May 10th, 2017, Ministry of Science and Technology published news on official website that for accelerating biotechnology and its industrial development, the biotechnology innovative plan of “the 13th five year plan” is formulated. (Hereinafter referred to as “the Plan”)


The Plan pointed out four key tasks, (1) to breakthrough a number of frontal critical technology, (2) support key field to develop, (3) promote construction of innovative platform, (4) promote biotechnological industry to develop. In the third task, it is proposed to “to layout R & D systems of chemical drug, traditional Chinese medicine and biological drug comprehensively, to promote drug’s fundamental research and key technology, new drug’s druggability preclinical evaluation, drug’s new preparation and new release system, key technology of new drug’s effect evaluation. To innovate system and mechanism, strengthen interdisciplinary collaborative research, encourage original breakthrough and achievement transformation, upgrade our innovative ability of drug self R & D overall, to build original innovative base of drug R & D, to drive surrounding areas to innovate and develop, to build a R & D highland of innovative drug with global competition.”

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