Love, Public Welfare and Warmth 2021-06-15 On June 3 and 4, 2021,


Protelight Pharma paid a visit to the Jiangyin fire brigade, Chengdong police station and Chengdong sanitation station, donated products to firefighters, police and sanitation workers who worked hard, and expressed thanks for their hard work! During this visit, a total of more than 40000-yuan worth of summer supplies and epidemic prevention materials were donated by Protelight Pharma, including the company's research and development of bacteriostatic gel and Dr. Jun's hand-free antibacterial gel and other products. The leaders of the three units expressed their warm welcome and sincere thanks for the donation! On the way of enthusiastically participating in social public welfare and helping social public welfare, Protelight Pharma always adheres to the combination of realizing enterprise value and undertaking social responsibility, and strives to practice and extend the company's mission and vision of "taking scientific and technological innovation as the strength to serve human health".