New Origin, New Journey – ProteLight Pharma Industry Base Formally Opens 2019-09-23


On the morning of September 20, 2019, leaders from Wuxi Government and guests from domestically and abroad arrived to attend the Grand Opening Ceremony of Phase I of the ProteLight Pharma Industry Base. ProteLight Pharma Industry Base is invested by Jiangsu ProteLight Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Co., LTD. covering 97.2 acres, with a built-up area of 58,000 m2. The Industry Base will be constructed in two phases. There are workshops for liquid preparation, solid preparation, powder formulation and disinfection products. Phase I of the Base began construction in October 2017 and has been in trial operation since June 2019. Since April 2009, ProteLight Pharma, with guidance from chairman Dr. Yuxin Chen, has focused on the R&D of peptide drugs. His entrepreneurial team has worked hard to achieve strong results, moving from the incubator zone into the accelerator zone, until our own Industry Base has been built up. Since then we have successfully patented multiple invention licenses in PCT, USA, Europe, and China, undertaken more than thirty science and technology innovation projects such as National Mega-Projects for Innovative Drugs of China, “Innovation Fund of Ministry of Science and Technology” as well as developed various peptide drugs including first-in-class antimicrobial peptide and anticancer drug. As a result of our research and dedication, we have achieved a valuation nearing 10 billion yuan, and have been perceived to be a prospective unicorn enterprise. At present, the development of peptide drugs is one of the most important directions in R & D of new drugs. With the advantages of high activity, stable curative effect, low toxicity and side effects, and small dosage quantity, it can be applied to prevent, diagnose and treat tumors, hepatitis, diabetes, HIV, etc. Peptides are said to be the category with the most promising market. So far, there are more than 90 peptide drugs in the global market and the sales amount is more than 220 trillion dollars. In China, the sales volume of peptide drugs exceeded 630 trillion Yuan and will increase to 1,280 trillion Yuan in 2024. The successful opening of the ProteLight Pharma Industry Base is a significant milestone for ProteLight Pharma to industrialize in the field of peptide drugs. Meanwhile, it is also a vivid miniature of Jiangyin National Hi-Tech Zone’s strategy of innovation-driven, and high-quality development. Opening the Industry Base is a beginning for ProteLight Pharma to step on a new journey. ProteLight Pharma aims to maintain its balance on managing R&D, production, and management, with the goal of an IPO in the second-board market whilst achieving status as a unicorn enterprise and leader of the peptide pharmaceutical industry in China and abroad. (Ph.D. Hartmut Michel, the president of the Institute of Biophysics, Max Planck Institute and Nobel Prize winner, Ph.D. Robert S. Hodges, the director of the Biomolecular Structure Center at the University of Colorado Denver and academician of the Royal Society of Canada, Mr. Jinhu Chen, the member of the Wuxin Municipal Committee, the Secretary of Jiangyin Municipal Committee, Mr. Wenyan Hu, the Executive Vice President of China Biochemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Dr. Yuxin Chen, the President of Jiangsu ProteLight Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Co., Ltd., pushed forward the scroll for the opening ceremony of ProteLight Pharma Industry Base)


(the presented leaders and guests explored the ProteLight Pharma Industry Base)